Musician’s Wellness Masterclasses


Practicing Wellness: Suggestions for building a healthy career in music

Clearly laid out guidelines for short and long term goal setting and achievement; including time management, goal setting strategies, physical and mental health practices.


Motor Skill Acquisition & Practice for Instrumentalists: Research based applications

An in depth discussion of the importance of focus of attention during motor skill acquisition and practice from research in the field of applied kinesiology.


Pedagogy: The role of the “teacher” in studio instruction

Applied studio instructors wear many hats and can take on many roles within a student’s career. What are the most important and why?


Healthy Air Function and Tone Production for Wind Instrumentalists

Understanding the “healthy blowing apparatus” in wind performance and the importance of balance within  efficient tone production.


Musician’s Dystonia: A Pedagogical Discussion

Musician’s Dystonia is not only a learned movement disorder but also can be taught.  Healthy practices within a studio environment can help students and professionals avoid this traumatic disorder.


Solo and Chamber Music Coaching

A healthy approach to communicating musical gestures whether solo or ensemble, including specific individual and group exercises to assist performers with their freedom of expression.