Who We Are

Musician’s Wellness of North America was founded and is currently led by Jan Kagarice, who developed her methodology through more than 40 years of research and experience coaching musicians through difficulties and into the highest levels of artistry.

MWNA is a team of clinicians who are dedicated to educating instrumentalists about healthy practices in music performance utilizing unique and incrementally progressive exercises. All clinicians are trained by Kagarice in her research-based method of guidance, strongly influenced by her own training, certification, and utilization of the Montessori Method.

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Who Does MWNA Primarily Work With?

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 Phil Smith - Former Principal Trumpet NY Philharmonic

This website has been designed as a landing point for current and future clients of Musicians Wellness of North America. Information about the retraining process and timelines of recovery can be found in the Retraining page. We wish you a happy and healthy learning experience!